Hillary Smith Swarthmore

Principal Investigator

Dr. Hillary Smith


Email address:  hsmith@swarthmore.edu

Office:  Science Center 121

Lab:  Science Center L06

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Dr. Smith joined the Swarthmore College Department of Physics & Astronomy in August 2018 as an Assistant Professor of Physics.  

Prior to her arrival at Swarthmore, Dr. Smith worked as a Senior Researcher in the Applied Physics & Materials Science Department at California Institute of Technology.

Dr. Smith obtained her B.A. in Physics and Chemistry from Bryn Mawr College and Ph.D. in Materials Science from Caltech.  She has held positions as a Visiting Lecturer at Pomona College, Senior Scientist at Liox Power, Post-doctoral Researcher at Caltech, and a Visiting Scientist at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

Current Lab Members

Lucy Decker

Elizabeth Brown '23

Cleveland, OH

Major:  Physics

Minor:  Chemistry

Former Lab Members

Miriam Stein

Alexandra Specht '22

Newark, OH

Major:  Physics

Minor:  Environmental Studies

Miriam Stein

Aleah Wilson '22

Bear, DE

Major:  Chemical physics

Lucy Decker

Lucy Decker '21

Walnut Creek, CA

Major:  Physics

Minor:  Mathematics

Miriam Stein

Elena Lee '23

Lake Oswego, OR

Alex Rensing

Alex Rensing '21

Saint Louis, MO

Major:  Physics

Minor:  Computer Science

Miriam Stein

Miriam Stein '20

Boulder, CO

Major:  Physics

Minor:  Art History

Miriam Stein

Dylan Torrance '22

Tuscon, AZ

Major:  Mathematics

Minor:  Physics

Miriam Stein

Iris Wang '21

Villanova, PA

Major:  Astrophysics

Minor:  Asian Studies